Are Electronic Cigarettes Really Better and Healthier Than Lighting Up a Real Tobacco?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs have stormed the market. It attracted a large number of smokers by informing the public that it is considered to be safer and healthier than lighting up a real tobacco. Is it? Is an e-cig really better than a cigar? How true is it that this can really help people stop smoking? What are the components of electronic cigarettes and how does it actually work?


The above-mentioned are just some of the frequently asked questions about e-cigs. After it has been introduced in the market, the public steadily acknowledged e-cigs by trying them out. Some really liked it, while some others are really hesitant about using it due to a number of reasons. If you’re a smoker, you could probably relate to other people having difficulties quitting the bad habit. Who doesn’t? It contains nicotine – an addictive content, which makes us want to light another smoke no matter how much we wanted to stop the bad habit.


Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes


Defined as battery-operated cigarette-like devices, electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market as an alternative to smoking. It works very similar to an actual cigarette, without the smoke – as what many people would say. It may or may not contain nicotine, an addictive substance which makes it difficult for smokers to quit the bad habit.


If it contains nicotine, then how is it considered to be safer? Why is still tagged as a healthier alternative to smoking? This could still be a debate up to date, but some e-cigarette users said that the nicotine that they take is far more controlled than tobacco smoke.


When you buy your first electronic cigarette kit, you’ll receive your cartridge or juice, depending on the e-cig type you’ll purchase. It comes with a free flavor of your choice, which also allows you to choose the nicotine level. You may go with 0 or no nicotine at all, low, medium or high – depending on how dependent you are with the substance. 


Why Electronic Cigarettes are Far Safer Than Tobacco Smoke and How it Helps Someone Quit Smoking for Good


As discussed above, although e-cigs may contain nicotine, the smoker can choose from 4 different nicotine levels. If you’re a heavy smoker and is starting to quit the bad habit, you can go for juices that contain high nicotine level then gradually reduce or go down to medium, low then 0. You don’t have to do it all of a sudden as your body may still experience withdrawal symptoms.


Additionally, aside from the controlled amount of nicotine that your body intakes, e-cigs do not contain carbon monoxide making it a far better alternative. Yes, a cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, the same substance that cars emit. The smoke e-cigs emit is not really a smoke at all – it is a vapor, which makes it safer than a typical tobacco smoke. This is one of the reasons why electronic cigarettes are allowed inside the mall and other public places where cigarette smoking is, usually, prohibited.


The vapor that electronic cigarettes emit is also safe even for second-hand smokers – which benefits not just yourself, but also the people around you. Another great thing about an electronic cigarette is that you don’t have to worry about smelling bad all the time. A typical tobacco smoke leaves smell to your hair, clothes, hands and whole body. Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, do not even smell at all – which makes it safer especially if you have pets and kids inside the house.


If you’re looking for a specific cigarette brand or taste, you can still experience that same taste. Electronic cigarettes’ cartridges and juices come in different flavors for you to choose from. Some ladies prefer sweeter and milder flavors such as strawberry, gummy bear or tutti frutti – while men prefer the flavor that their tobacco smoke has. The flavor you’ve been looking for isn’t going to cause problems as most cartridges and juices were able to mimic the exact taste of these tobacco flavors.


Conclusion: Electronic Cigarettes as an Alternative to Tobacco and Cigars?


Based on the things discussed above, there is no doubt that e-cigs can definitely replace the place of a tobacco or cigarette and is proven to be a better alternative. It is considered to be the lesser evil between the two – and in time, you can even completely get rid of the bad habit of smoking without you even noticing it.


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